JVS is a South African born and raised entrepreneur who has the noteworthy ability to harness the power of innovation and use such to launch and sustain multiple successful and diverse business ventures. Visionary and business leader with an extensive background in various and complex commercial markets, Jason has launched a number of successful business ventures as well as startups and is also the owner of a renowned sports franchise. He has an eye for talent and he sincerely and fiercely nurtures every athlete under his care. Jason is obsessively attentive in creating an honest business environment. He is ruthlessly competitive and not afraid to make and honour tough decisions. Living by his philosophy of inspiring greatness in the forgotten, Jason had an early appreciation for business inventiveness and an understanding of consumer’s needs. Jason is passionate about stewardship. As such he has spent a considerable amount of time developing his passion for sports together with learning how to disrupt it with the purpose of bringing new and renewed values to the industry. Ultimately, fuelled by his commitment for building a better future for his family and his extensive teams, Jason is repeatedly quoted as saying “you have to trust yourself, your instinct, destiny, goals. This approach has never let me down, and it continues to make all the difference in my life and the lives around me”.


The goal of scuffle athlete management is to develop the potential in all athletes and set the parameters in helping them achieve their goals. Reaching professional level combat sports is no easy task, it takes hard work, dedication, and commitment to attain that level. Scuffle management has over a decade of experience in combat sports and provide knowledgeable professional services to all athletes.

Under the leadership of Jason VS, a professional in the world of combat sports; dedicated to managing every aspect of helping athletes achieve professional and championship level status.

Scuffle athlete management is a full-service sports management and marketing company. Services include:

Scuffle has an impressive portfolio of championship athletes and up and coming athletes ready and eager to set the world of combat sports on fire.

What sets us apart is a genuine passion to help athletes in the pursuit of becoming World class talent.


“See what needs to be seen. Hear what needs to be heard and drop the self-doubt”.

Jason is the founder of Scuffle Holdings, a serial entrepreneur, innovation pioneer and inspirational speaker. At times he is referred to as the “untamed” and “tell it like it is” force. Jason is known for stripping conversations back to the core and is unapologetic in the creation of discomfort if such translates to his audience members’ personal progressions.

Jason delivers thought provoking speeches on business strategy, brand building, mindset, and values driven leadership. Also known for his colourful commentary at sport events and MMA events across the world, Jason aims to use the platforms provided to him to challenge leaders and influence change across all industries by planting seeds of positive change.

Frequently Asked Questions

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